Recycling your garbage is an important step to improving the Earth’s health. Globally people and businesses are focusing on green products and services.

Recycling is the process of using the materials from everyday products we use to create new products. For example, aluminum from pop cans and paper from cardboard can be used to make new products.

To Reuse use things over again before throwing them out. For example, using cloth bags instead of plastic bags and taking old furniture and clothes to donation outlets.

Reducing is using and purchasing fewer items. This is the best way to help the environment. A simpler lifestyle is something we can all use!

We provide specialty bins for asphalt and concrete materials. Other items that are place in our garbage bins are recycled whenever possible.

CRD (construction, renovation, demolition) waste currently makes up to 45% of the waste entering our landfill. Landfills are reaching their capacity. Driven by provincial mandates recycling and composting of waste has increased dramatically in the last decade. The Green Builders Recycling Program presents an opportunity to recycle waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Whenever possible we recycle what we haul away and encourage you to do the same. Make the world a better place, try these tips!

Visit Global Stewards for more great tips!

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